Young Voices of Missouri

What's Your StoryThe Young Voices of Missouri project encourages the work of young writers (grades 9 through 12) in Missouri, and gives them an opportunity, at an early age, to have work published and circulated to an audience beyond their own school.  All works submitted will be reviewed by a screening panel and the editors of Chariton Review; all students who submit work will receive written feedback on their work.  From the items submitted, the editors will select works for publication in Young Voices of Missouri 2018, which will be published as a special issue of Chariton Review, a literary journal published by Truman State University Press.

After works are selected, Press staff will follow standard processes for publishing a journal: contacting authors to secure written permission and get electronic files, laying out and proofreading files, submitting proofs to authors for review and approval, and printing. Contacts with student authors will be made through their teachers unless we are directed otherwise.

Each participating high school will receive a copy of the journal for the school library and one for each submitting teacher.  Each student who has work published in the journal will also receive a copy. Additional copies will be available for purchase at a nominal price.

Guidelines for submissions


Short stories: any subject or genre (except fan fiction), up to 3,000 words

Essay: any subject, up to 3,000 words

Poetry: any single poem or a set of poems up to 6 pages


Submissions should be typed and double-spaced (poetry may be single spaced); pages should be numbered and sheets should be paper clipped or stapled together. A cover page should include the author’s name, school, teacher, and grade level, with the work beginning on the next page. Each teacher should complete a form listing works being submitted.

Teacher instructions for submitting student work:

1.  Collect printout of submission and signed permission slip from each student who wishes to participate.

2.  Complete the entry form: list each submission by author’s name, category of work (poetry, essay, short fiction) and title of work.  For a set of poems, please list the title of each poem; long titles may be shortened.

3.  If one student wishes to submit more than one item (e.g., a set of poems and a short story), please list each item on a separate line and count each separately.

4. Attach permission slips for each student to the entry form.

5.  Mail the submissions plus the entry form with attached permission slips to the address; entries must be postmarked by January 12, 2018.

Young Voices of Missouri Project
Truman State University Press
100 E. Normal Ave.
Kirksville, MO  63501

Young Voices of Missouri Permission Slip [pdf download]

Young Voices of Missouri Entry Form [editable pdf download]

Schedule and Deadlines

January 12, 2018: teachers submit students’ work

March 16, 2018: journal staff make selections and notify authors to get electronic files

March 16–30, 2018: journal staff proof and lay out work

March 30, 2018:  proofs sent to authors

April 6, 2018: authors return proofs

April 16, 2018: final corrections are made and journal is sent to printer

May 4, 2018: journal is mailed


Teacher instructions: for work accepted for publication

Teachers will receive an e-mail informing them of work by any of their students that has been selected for publication and instructions for submitting files and other details.

  1. Congratulate your student on having his/her work accepted for publication in Young Voices of Missouri 2018.
  2. Get electronic file of work from student in a standard word-processing program (not a pdf file), and forward that file to Press staff. At the same time, please inform the Press staff if contacts with student should go through the teacher or be direct to the student.
  3. Assist student, as needed, with letter of agreement to publish, reviewing proofs, and submitting corrections.

Teacher instructions: for work not accepted for publication

Teachers will receive an e-mail with comment sheets for individual students.

  1. Distribute comment sheets to students.
  2. If students have any questions about comments or would like to discuss their work further, contact Press staff and we will arrange for the student to communicate with the commenters.

Young Voice of Missouri 2018 Poster [pdf download]

Young Voices of Missouri Guidelines [pdf download]